Wednesday, December 18, 2013

October 26th, Parallel Play for Halloween

Nick and I both agreed that our most recent weekend outing was an utter disaster.  And neither of us wanted a repeat.  So this time we established some pre-party understandings.  In both our cases our favorite playmates, Ron and Mona would be in attendance.  Nick anticipated that I would want to spend time with Ron and said that he expected that I would play with Ron. I took him at his word and hesitatingly believed that he was prepared to be in the same play venue with Ron and I despite his recent stipulations otherwise. 

Likewise, I knew that Mona would be present and that Nick would want to engage her more than socially.  I let Nick know that I was perfectly fine if he wanted to spend time with Mona sexually or otherwise.  However, I had no interest in participating in a threesome or broader group with them nor did I wish to observe their play.  I would just turn and walk the other way should I encounter them in the throes of passion.  I had not experienced any difficult emotions or upsets related to the Nick and Mona sexual dynamic and did not want to tempt fate. I take a mildly compersive pleasure from Nick’s happiness and sexual success with Mona and do not want to do anything to dampen it.  On the other hand, Nick has had heaps of issues with Ron and I over the last few months, ebbing and flowing like tumultuous tides in a raging storm.  Fortunately, the club was generously sized with numerous play areas and finding private spaces was not problematic.

Then the question of actual sleeping arrangements arose.  Would Nick want to sleep with Mona?  Would I want to sleep with Ron?  We did not know precisely what our own individual desires were in this context, but I told Nick that it would be ok with me if he chose to sleep with Mona instead of me.  As for myself – well, I had no idea what might happen in that regard, but if Nick was sleeping with Mona then I would most likely sleep with Ron and Nora.

Nick and I were clear with each other that our expectations were to have fun, play with others and with each other as the opportunity arose.  And pending the evening, we may or may not actually sleep as a couple.

Whew! Expectations outlined.  Now let the fun commence!

We arrived early because we wanted plenty of time to dress in our Halloween costumes.  Ron and Nora were already in residence having attended the party the night before.  As Nick and I greeted them, I was acutely aware of Nick and what he had said previously about not wanting to be around Ron and I.  I could feel the tensions Ron and Nora were experiencing as a result of our rocky foursome dynamic.  I found myself somewhat short of breath, on edge, tense, and apprehensive.  I wanted us both to have a great time.  However, I really did not feel free to be myself given Nick’s extreme shifts as of late.  I honestly just did not know where he fell on the spectrum in nearly all aspects relating to the non-monogamous me, and our foray into the lifestyle.  I did know that he liked being non-monogamous, saying he would not want to go back to monogamy, and that he was happy with his sexual adventures with Mona.  But, as it related directly to me and my sexual choices, it seemed like nothing was quite so straightforward.  Nick and I were seemingly functioning on an unbalanced playing field, which lent itself to discomforting inequity.   

We began to get our costumes organized to dress for the evening.  I took off for the restroom and when I rounded the corner found Ron right on my heels.  He leaned me up against the sink counter and began kissing me.  As he did so I watched Nick walk directly behind him to the urinal.  I could not help but wonder if this was an intentional follow on Nick’s part.  It most certainly was an intentional act on the part of Ron.  He followed me with an explicit expectation.

I had told Nick that I would probably want to fuck Ron early in the evening to take the edge off and remove the escalating anxiety produced by unfulfilled desire. So he could not be surprised.  And if he was actually following me, well then, what did he expect?

Ron and I headed directly to the downstairs froggie chair tucked away in a corner near the fireplace. We kissed, disrobed and started fucking with ridiculous speed.   He went down on me licking and sucking on my labia and clit, I sucked his thick hardening cock, his fingers slipped straight into my wet pussy with no preamble whatsoever. It was familiar territory and one that Ron knew his way around with unique intimacy.  He rammed his fingers up firmly against my G-Spot and I was instantaneously in that euphoric state that I longed for. I adored sex with Ron.  His manual abilities were an absolute sure thing.  And his cock was always ready to please.  And please it did!! It was a great first fuck and truly took off the edge for both Ron and I.  Now I could enjoy the evening for a while, buzzing on the euphoric mix of cocktails that was coursing through my body.

I headed back to the room to dress as an Egyptian Pharaoh. Nick was nowhere to be found.  Nora was present and said that Nick had been looking for me, which was odd given that he knew that I was with Ron and we were not exactly quiet when we fucked so we were easy to find.  Of course, Nora also commented that she had not known where we were, but had assumed we were playing. 

So, I guessed that Nick was out gallivanting around with Mona somewhere…maybe fucking, maybe not, who knew what they might be up to.  But all was good.  I did not mind.  I was adorned in my bodacious Egyptian costume replete with blue eye shadow, copious layers of kohl eyeliner and a gold cobra bracelet snaking up my arm, I headed out into the chaotic fray that was Halloween night, a virtually sacrosanct day for the licentious, audacious sexually liberated sluts that we were.

I was more than ready for the evening, optimistic that both Nick and I would have a great time and that we would have time to connect and reinforce our own relationship.  I went downstairs to be social and enjoy the selection of wild costumes that these intrepid swingers concocted.  Halloween among salacious swingers is almost as fantastical as Halloween is on the Eastside of Greenwich Village in New York City or the Castro in San Francisco….well, swingers are not quite as ballsy, but probably as close as any other group gets to being utterly outrageous.

Nick was nowhere to be seen.  I eventually saw Mona, with two men vying for her attention – literally, one to her left and one to her right, both single and both wanting her with more than a subtle dose of amusing competing intensity.  And it was funny to observe her gravitate toward Nick as he walked by…you could almost see the pull between the two as well as the little green monsters dancing around the heads of the other two men.  Nick wanted to be with her but left the decision for how to spend the evening to Mona. 

I had not made any plans for where to sit but somehow we seemed to have two tables with our names on them.  I was totally unaware how this happened.   Ron and Nora had a table next to the dance floor.  They were with another couple that they knew and, I assume, enjoyed sexually.  Ron invited us to join them, which was very generous considering how rocky our two couples were during our last weekend together.  Meanwhile, Demi, a staff member and an incredibly sexy club institution, came up to me and asked if we were joining her at her table because we had places there as well as at Ron’s table.  The club was packed full of people and table space was at a premium. I was totally confused and went looking for Nick to clarify our intentions.

I found Nick walking around with Mona.  It was striking to see how familiar and immediate she stood next to Nick… Anyway, Nick was phenomenally ambiguous about what he wanted to do and I had decided to leave the choice to him.  He did not want to say that he did not wish to sit with Ron and Nora.  Nor could he say that that he wanted to sit with Mona.  Ultimately, Nick chose a place at Demi’s table that was completely devoid of the Ron, Nora, Mona influence.  It ended up being a poor choice as the table was a dud with an overly drunk, inappropriately sexual, somewhat aggressive older couple.  But, I suppose it was neutral territory from Nick’s perspective.

Ron and Nora were gracious when I declined to sit with them but honestly it was evident to me their feelings had been hurt, though they said otherwise.  I do not know what Mona thought.  Sometime later Nick informed me that he had wanted to sit with Mona but did not know how to do that.  He did not want to ask Mona to sit at Ron’s table because she was not comfortable with Ron.  This had origins in something that I know not the hard facts about, but have heard about from three divergent sources….and who really knows when facts come in piece meal like that from third party sources.  At the end of the day, the table situation all came down to the fact that Nick felt an obligation to sit with me, his wife, and did not want to ask Mona to sit at the same table as Ron and Nora.  So, he opted for a neutral table excluding both our playmates, with whom we both wanted to sit. It seemed to me that it was Mona’s issue and by extension Nick seemed to have made it his own.

So, in the end we sat at a less than optimal table. Ron and Nora were offended.  Mona was left out – or maybe she was content to be with her other suitors, I could not say.  It was really a sorry way to start a carefree, carnal, happy and sexy evening.  Ah well….  And to top it off, Ron and Nora had a couple at their table that was sexy.  Even Nick noticed Jessica.  She was tall, attractive and fit with a playful spark in her eye.  Heck, even I thought she might be fun!

Occasionally through the dinner and post-dinner timeframe both Nick and I left our dinner table to escape the bizarre drunk couple with whom we had regrettably paired ourselves.  I would check in with Ron, touching and nuzzling up to him at his table.  He leaned into my year at one point and said, “The answer is yes, if you are wondering.”  Ahhh, I knew exactly what that meant.  And I would love to have followed through with a great bout of intense sex.  But, I was still trying to defer and appease Nick.  I wanted to do my best not to make Nick uncomfortable and spend time with him.  But, as the night turned out, I actually regret not taking Ron upstairs at that moment for a wild and crazy fuck.

While hanging around and chatting with folks, Nick was keen to introduce me to couple, Patrick and Patrice,  that he was interested in playing with as a full swap.  Patrice was attractive with beautiful long curly dirty blond hair that just called out to be touched.  They seemed confident, experienced, self –assured and deliciously fun!  I hoped that our paths might cross later for a sexy encounter.

After dinner I enjoyed watching the costume contest and seeing the amazingly creative outfits that people created or bought – including a giant walking vulva!  From my perspective, the after dinner entertainment tended to run on a bit too long at the club.  I always found myself wanting to cut out early and head for the play spaces.  The club is a wonderful social venue, but I really did go to the club for the awesome sex and diversity of sex partners – male and female.

After all the formalities of the evening’s entertainment, I joined the throngs of hot bodies on the dance floor for a couple of dances.  I cut out pretty quickly in the interest of knee preservation having recently had knee surgery.  I left Nick to his own devices on the dance floor. Since I could not hang on the dance floor for long, I decided to enjoy the hot tub and relax as I watched the sexual deluge descend upon the soon to be very crowded play space.  It would have been nice to dance more.  The crowd was throbbing with energy and sexiness and the music was spectacular.

I peeled off my costume and removed my Egyptian eye makeup to prevent it from dripping off my face into the hot tub!  I encountered Ron and Nora in the sleeping room.  They were changing into their play attire and organizing their play bag, which contained several kinds of lubricant, lots of vibrating play toys and plenty of condoms.  They were heading back to the play space with one of the couples (or maybe two couples…I was not really sure) from their dinner table.  It was time to get down and dirty and they were smart beating the crowds to the play space!  Like on our last weekend out, I declined because I wanted them to have there own full swap opportunity without my presence swaying the sexual choices especially since Ron’s e-mail about needing to make sure that Nora was well fucked.  Besides, who knew what or whom I may drum up on my own?  Plus I wanted to be careful with Nick.  I did not want to run off with Ron and leave Nick hanging.

I joined a group already in the hot tub.  It was a bizarre mix of people and frankly, boring.  I was the only single woman in the hot tub with three couples.  Quite interestingly, the couples whose men obviously checked me out when I placed my naked body into the tub with them had female partners who purposefully took measures to exclude me from the conversation.  It was a bizarrely overt move on their parts and an experience way out of the character with what I had experienced at the club. I opted to ignore the subtle passive aggressiveness that was bubbling up around the hot tub.  Whatever, I was not making a move or showing obvious interest in any of their men.  Couples can be so weird!

From the hot tub I watched Ron and Nora and their partners go up to play; and surprisingly, I watched Nick and Mona head up to play, as well.  I was surprised because Mona was being courted by two other men earlier in the evening and I thought she wanted to spend time with them before engaging with Nick – maybe she did and it was quick (which happens….but too quick can really suck!).  Whatever, off they went and though I did not know it at the time that was pretty much the end of the evening for Nick and I.

A little while later I left the hot tub and wandered around upstairs to see what naughty mischief I might be able to stir up for myself.  I saw Nick was fucking Mona on the froggie chair nearest the bathroom, the most exposed location.  I gave that entire side of the play space a wide berth.  I did not want to put my energy in their space and I preferred not to have a close up feel of their intimate fucking vitality.  I found Ron and Nora and party on the opposite side of the play space occupying my favorite froggie chair and surrounds. I could not really tell whom all was involved in their sexcapades – Ron and another man were at the froggie chair pleasuring a woman; Nora was hanging out nearby.  I stayed with Nora for a while, watched the copulatory action, and checked out other sexploits from top to bottom, back to front, and occasionally even more intimate views.

I left the Ron, et. al. contingent and headed on around the circular play space.  As I passed through the exotic, red play district with its exposed tiered beds and occasional curtained bunks, I looked up to see Nick with his face between Mona’s thighs consuming her pussy and his fingers tantalizing her cunt. As she writhed and moaned on the chair, grinding her nether region into Nick’s face, I watched for a brief moment. And then Nick looked up into the mirror directly at me.  He looked at me for a brief moment and the moved to suck on her nipples.  We clearly saw each other.  I still did not want to engage or interfere.  I did not know what Nick thought as he gave me no signal or indication at all, just an unrevealing, masked stare.   So, I turned around and headed the other way through the play area and down the stairs.

Eventually I headed back to the ballroom area to get a drink and maybe dance a little, the sex scene upstairs was just not aligning for me yet. I ran into a couple that Ron and I had initiated on their very first night at the club several months ago. He recognized me and stopped me to chat and not surprisingly, he invited me to dance with him and his wife.  I talked with them as a couple for a bit about their recent hunting trip to Africa and other commonalities.  Then we danced for a couple of songs before I politely excused myself. They may have been interesting to play with again, but she was unfortunately not comfortable enough in her skin to make eye contact and indicate to me that she wanted to play with me as a threesome.  Like last time, it was her husband pushing the agenda – though I am sure that she was amenable – but I needed to know that she wanted it too.  She seemed like she would need a lot of hand holding and I did not feel up to taking that kind of TCL approach with her when I was still experimenting and sorting out my evolving bi-sexual interests and experiences.  I was not yet confident enough myself to take the bull by the horns and run with it.  I needed to be paired with a more experienced couple.

Rather fortuitously, shortly thereafter, I encounter the couple, Patrick and Patrice, that Nick had introduced me to earlier.  They were both attractive, noticeably available and visibly looking.  I stood with them in the center of the ballroom chatting and flirting.  The conversation was a bit odd with totally off the wall comments coming from him.  She shrugged and said that he was just very contrary and said things that were not always sensical but to just go with it.  I wish I could recall an example.   The confidence and sexiness that they had exuded earlier in the evening was enough to have my interest peeked.  She was cute and sexy with luscious long curls and sexy stories of their erotic beach vacations to share. Eventually we discussed going upstairs to play.  He was enthusiastic, but deferred to her for final authorization to move forward with this new sexual exercise.  Peculiarly this was the point where I witnessed a chink in her self-assuredness.  She had a hard time saying definitively that she wanted to go upstairs and play as a threesome. She wanted it.  But she was uncomfortable saying she wanted it. And that is an interesting and pervasive phenomena among women, including in the lifestyle, from which I suffer as well.  Why do women feel reluctant to say what we want sexually?

As we rounded the corner to ascend the steps up to the third floor play space we all stopped short and took notice of an FMF scenario playing out on the white pedestal of the recessed sitting area.  The three of them were in the throes of heated oral and digital stimulation.  He had his fingers in one woman’s cunt and his mouth on the other’s pussy.  He was juggling and working hard to keep the two women happy with two different actions at two different rhythms.  I was taken a back by the scene.  Patrice said, ”Wow!  Look at that older man with those two women.”  I chucked, and said in a low, conspiratorial voice, “That’s my husband.”  She was clearly surprised that it was my husband because in that lighting he did look older being a white headed, white goateed gentleman in an entirely white play environment.  Something about all the white made him look a touch ghostly.  And oddly Mona, owner of the pussy in his mouth, looked younger.  I had not a clue who the third woman was – still don’t.

Patrice and Patrick selected the lower bunk with historically bad juju (see May 24th), which gave me pause.  They both sought a space with privacy and curtains.  I was a little surprised by this as they had seemed so experienced, confident and comfortable in their sexually while out of the dance floor earlier in the evening.  I did not expect that they would seek seclusion.

Patrice and I began to play.  I kissed her and she tasted ever so slightly of sour milk, and there was something uniquely familiar and indeed memorable in that taste but I have still not been able to put my finger on the memory lodged deeply in the recesses of my consciousness.  Patrice was utterly delectable to kiss and I had probably the most fun I have ever had kissing a woman.  I could have kissed her for hours.  Her urgency and enthusiasm in response to my kiss was intoxicating.  I caressed her breasts, sucked on her nipples and let me hands roam over her upper body.  Surprisingly she was shy about her body and at one point made me exceedingly uncomfortable by telling me that she did not like her saggy boobs and wished that she had my breasts.  I did not know what to say to that half compliment and half self-criticism and continued to kiss her.  It makes me sad that she felt like she needed to make excuses for her physical imperfections.  We all have them and we all need to just get over ourselves!  I have found that in the swinging world, self-criticism is always harsher and more hurtful than the thoughts that may be running through the mind of our lovers of the moment.  I loved her lips, had not even considered her breasts to be ‘saggy’ until she drew attention to them.

Patrick went down on me in such a soft and gentle way that I could have easily fallen asleep to the lull of the warm, undulating rhythm.  Patrice told me that Patrick loved to go down on women and could do that all day.  My thought was, ‘Oh I hope not, because I needed more force, pressure and urgency than this or I would surely fall asleep!” After a few minutes of lapping, sucking and tracing over my labia and clitoris with his soft, decidedly heated tongue, he leaned back and Patrice put her mouth on his erect cock.  Patrice leaned forward on her knees, breasts swaying noticeably, and sucked him, diligently bobbing her head up and down the length of his shaft. 

Patrick’s erection was stone hard.  Patrice leaned back, smiled and told him to fuck me.  As can often be the case, the condom application took some toll on the stiffness of his member.  But he was still hard enough to fuck and he thrust is waning cock into me without hesitation.  But whether due to shyness or condom hesitancy, his erection continued to abate, despite my ministrations.  He was astonishingly embarrassed and apologetic.  I did not mind at all, but could say nothing that made him feel any better.  He was, like Patrice, his own harshest critic.

Patrice quickly sucked his lackluster dick again and pulled him onto and into her. With his familiar and comfortable partner, his condom-free cock sprang to life. They fucked ardently and aggressively with him on top of her and her legs hiked up high allowing for added internal leverage, which she clearly enjoyed.  With each rapacious thrust she was obviously moving closer and closer to an explosive vaginal orgasm.  His cock was taking her pussy to the impending, ultimate orgasmic sweet spot.   As he rammed into her cunt, Patrick asked her what she wanted.  She looked at me and smiled and said I have what I want right here.  Wow, the mood was incredible and the potential for amazing sex with her and Patrick was exponential.  

And then calamity hit.  I was suddenly stuck with such an intense nausea and dizziness that I had to excuse myself from our curtained love nest, and the play area entirely.  I immediately headed outside, as the play area external door was open since the temperature in the play area was far hotter than usual.  So many writhing and copulating bodies in a confined space created a great deal of heat.

I felt terrible!  I left Patrice and Patrick at the worst possible moment and I am sure they were taken aback.  I felt terrible for cutting out the way I did, but I thought being sick was a worst option!  I very much regret that I left when I did, but I was truly unwell in the moment.  I am sure it was either a momentary glitch with dinner (which happens with some frequency at this club) or just a feature of the intense heat and stuffy atmosphere.  Fresh air helped some.

I walked around the club a bit and got something to drink, but was still feeling poor.  I discovered Ron and Nora and the couple, Jessica and her husband James from their dinner table whom they fucked earlier.  They were sitting as two tightly packed couples on a sofa in the newly established upstairs lounge area. Various hands were engaged languidly with assorted body parts – hands on cocks and in pussies.  I perched on Ron’s end of the sofa and chatted with him a bit while Jessica stoked his recovering shaft.  He stood up with me for a moment hugged and kissed me.  He invited me to join their foursome, but I excused myself legitimately pleading dizziness and left the four of them to their own devices. 

I went to the sleeping area and took a nap for a while.  I was truly nauseous and sidelined from play for a few hours.  I am pretty sure that Ron and Nora came looking for me at some point.  Likewise I have a vague recollection of Nick checking on me.  I have a fleeting recollection of worrying that those three would think that I was hiding out.  But, I was, in fact, just not well.

After some undefined amount of time passed, I got up to pee and discovered Ron and Nora alone in the beverage area of the club (which is next to my ladies room of choice…because it is always warm).  No longer in the company of Jessica, Ron was sexually friendly and suggestive.  Unusually, I declined and said I just need to rest.   They offered to lay with me, cuddle and keep me warm with nothing more. I accepted because I was really sorry not to be taking full advantage of the sexy evening opportunities and the least I could do was experience his sexual energy by virtue of proximity.  

So the three of us headed back to the sleeping area and bedded down on their inflatable bed, which I had never done before.   I rested next to Ron and slowly began to come back to life.  We cuddled, touched and talked for a long time.  And eventually the touching became more intense in its energy transfer, predictably enhancing my desire for more of Ron.  The touch of his skin had a permeating warmth and a vibrant sexual energy that my body just could not deny. 

I asked Ron if he wanted to go to the play space for more than just cuddling and resting together.  The answer was predictable, as Ron is always eager to please sexually wanton women. Nora sarcastically joked that my stomachache must be gone.  And then she oddly offered for us to take the quilt back with us.   I said, “Nora, you know I am not taking your husband back there to sleep!”  And we were off!

Ron and I headed to the upstairs play space and took the first available space that we saw – a large top bunk with a curtain option.  It was literally at the entrance to the top floor play area, but we did not want to pass up a free space when space was at a premium on such a busy play night as Halloween.

We wasted no time and delved right into a ravenous round of oral sex followed by a drenching session of fingering that set my G-Spot off like fireworks.  Ron’s touch was exactly what I craved.  My play with Patrick and Patrice earlier had heated me up but had left me orgasmically wholly unfulfilled. Ron’s fingers felt tremendous and my body responded fervently and copiously. 

It was an odd mental realization betwixt and between phenomenally gratifying sexual acts to envisage that somewhere in the midst of the sexual extravaganza that was Halloween, that my husband was surely fucking someone – probably Mona – somewhere in the club, because otherwise he would have probably sought me out. But, I had seen almost nothing of him since dinner.  I was perfectly content to play with Ron, but I was missing the connection with Nick because we virtually always had great sex when we are out at clubs amongst our sex with others.  And it seemed tonight that was not going to happen.

Ron was thrusting his cock inside me and we were in the throes of raucous, orgasmic sex when low and behold a club monitor popped her head up into our play space and interrupted us.  We were short of breath, shocked by the intrusion and nothing less than incredulous at the disruption.  She wanted to know if we had brought a beer bottle up with us.  Alcohol in the play space was explicitly and  emphatically prohibited.  We both said no but tried to be in good humor at the inopportune disturbance.  We looked around the bed area to see if a bottle had been brought up previously and nothing.  However, she did not seem entirely convinced, though she did leave.

It took Ron and I a few minutes to regain to our former copulatory rhythm and carnal frenzy.  And then he was fucking me hard ramming his cock into my hunger pussy. And my body was quivering and shuddering with euphoric orgasms when, unbelievably, we were disturbed again by a different club monitor looking for the offending beer bottle.  With this outlandish second intrusion during our most intimate of moments, Ron and I were visibly less than pleased and not nearly as accommodating as during the first unwanted visit.  Ron did not drink alcohol at all and had not for many, many years. He had also been coming to this club for just about as many years and was a very well known patron.  So to have someone accuse him/us of bringing a beer bottle into the play area was preposterous and unimaginable. We were mildly vexed and utterly exasperated at the interruption.  Our responses were somewhat offended, unequivocal and dismissive.  We were not bothered again.

But at this point, there was no returning to our former state of ecstatic pleasure.  We opted for a relaxing soak in the hot tub.  We did, however, leave our things in the bed to reserve it for the night (not really an allowale act, but what the heck, it was pretty late in the night.).  Ironically Nick later reported to me that he and Mona had been looking for a play space and had considered our space until that saw that there were personal items in the bed.

After the hot tub, Ron and I shower off and returned upstairs to see who was doing what where and with whom. Also known as trolling.  We rounded the back corner heading through the steamy red play area and I saw Nick lying on a lower bunk with Mona cuddled up beside him in what appeared to be for the night.  They looked content and serene. Nick and I exchanged a few words. I said that it looked like they intended to spend the night together and asked if that was his intention.  He said yes, and I said fine, and in that case I would be with Ron. 

And then he reached out to touch me.  But I did not reach back and, in fact, I probably backed away slightly.  I was not comfortable with his touch while Mona was so intimately curled up next to him.  In fact, I found it odd that the few times that I had encountered them together during the evening that in each instance she was very close in his personal space and did not give any way at all in my presence.  She held her ground at his side with a curious level of comfort and almost possession.  This did not discombobulate me as much as I was just flummoxed.  If I am fucking another woman’s partner, my inclination is to back off respectfully and give a bit of space if and when she approaches, unless she happens to be engaged with us sexually. I routinely give way out of deference. I found it odd that she did not.

On the surface I was fine with the sleeping arrangement.  What I was not fine with was that Nick did not seek me out to confirm that this arrangement would take place and that I was still okay with it….or that I was even ok in general.  I had given a general positive nod to the idea before the night began so I guessed that he had just assumed.  Nevertheless, having not connected at all since dinner really, it felt like is was a minor violation that Nick had not touched base with me to confirm that everything was good with me before drifting off to sleep with Mona, which is seemingly where I found them.  I would never have gone to sleep with Ron for the night without making sure that Nick was good with it.  But, oddly Nick did not feel that same compunction.

So, Ron and I grabbed a blanket and headed back to our din of iniquity and drifted of for a few hours of sleep.  Once Ron and I began to stir at the first rays of light, there was no denying his renewed ardor and my voracious sexual desire.  Our sex began gradually, languidly and passionately.  Intensity and yearning built exponentially as we touched and pleasured each other.  Reaching, caressing, exchanging energies, knowing that we were headed for something more profoundly intense.  Ron’s fingers in my pussy hit my G-Spot with exactly the right pressure and rhythm and I was in a state of utter euphoric bliss.  My body was singing with absolute pleasure.  It was an incredible out of this world fingering G-Spot session that fully awakened my body and jolted all my senses to absolute attention.

Then Ron suggested that we make use of one of the froggie chairs.  I was game but was for the first time mildly uncomfortable with the logistics and proximity of what was about to take place.  We could choose the froggie chair that was right next to the restroom, utterly exposed and in the direct line of sight of Nick and Mona’s sleeping lair.  Or, we could select the froggie chair that was off the main passage way in the sixties psychedelic locale but a mere ten feet (if that) away from an ensconced Nick and Mona. 

Now, I knew that I was going to be more than a little vocal.  It was not possible for Ron and I to play on a froggie chair without waking up the entire sleeping contingent of recuperating, and sometimes hung over, sex-crazed revelers.  With this knowledge firmly balanced on the decision-making scales, I opted for the froggie chair closest to Nick.  The option of sound alone seemed better to me than a full on visual of an utterly splayed wife being fucked and fingered to orgasmic oblivion accompanied by the cries of ecstasy that inevitably accompany this animalistic act. If Nick did not want to see us fucking, as he said he did not, he could make the choice to walk the other direction and avoid the visuals all together.  However, I figured if he had not already heard Ron and I frolicking in our elevated bunk a little earlier that this would surely get his attention. And it did.

Before too long Nick peered around the corner to confirm that indeed all that cacophonous sound was in fact coming from his wife. My pussy sounded unbelievably wet to the point that there were literally sloshing sounds as Ron’s fingers thrust vigorously in and out of my cunt. It was almost discomforting how wet, receptive and bloody responsive my body was at that moment given the proximity of Nick and our recent tensions.  But I could not for but a split second draw my mind away from the incredible pleasure that I was experiencing. 

When I saw Nick peer around the corner to discover me fucking Ron I mentally bifurcated my thoughts and closed the door as tightly as I could on Nick’s side.  I purposefully chose to live in the very essence of the moment and revisit what was hidden behind the other door later when ecstasy was no longer demanding and consuming my thorough and exhaustive attention and focus. Of course later came quickly.  Behind door number two was the discomfort of knowing that Nick did not want to be around me when I was with Ron and I had wanted to respect that, but we were after all in the same club with our respective lovers.  And he had just spent the entire night from post-dinner to morning with Mona.  I had deliberately not done the same out of respect for Nick’s need for me not to be all consumed by Ron, my desire to give Ron the space that he craved with other women, my need to satisfy my own continued fascination and aspiration for expanded sexual exploration with new partners – male and female, and finally because I wanted for Nick and I to connect and find our common sexual ground that had gone so horribly awry on our recent outings together.

After Ron and I exhausted our fornicating potential on the froggie chair we headed down for a nice relaxing soak in the hot tub.  We found ourselves joining a seemingly unattached man with an Eastern European accent.  His eyes were almost invasively exploring my body his desire was so evident.  A far more intense and almost lecherous look and carnally explicit feel than American men feel free to employ.  I knew he wanted to touch me. Ron knew he wanted to touch me.  And Ron’s second career is taking advantage of potentially sexual situations to make fantasies come true….even if you never knew you had that particular sexual fantasy.

Ron started kissing and fingering me in the hot churning water and our friend moved closer.  He asked if he could touch and needless to say I said yes….I do not think I have ever said no to a sexual request at this club. I have always felt safe, secure and respected in this environment (with one glaring exception).  So I found myself floating and drifting in steaming bubbly water with two men their four hands and mouths all over and inside my body.  Our new friend presented his dick to my mouth wanting me to suck him.  I have often been reluctant to do so previously, but went with the sexy energy and took his cock deep inside my mouth. And with almost no effort on my part, he came.

This was a first in the lifestyle for me.  Few men had ever come with me at all, and only rarely.  And no one in the lifestyle had ever come in my mouth.  And honestly, it was very poor form indeed.  Without prior permission it is an absolute no-no. But, nonetheless, there I was with spunk in my mouth and most displeased about it.  That ended said sexy moment and I left the hot tub.  I was done.

After showering, Nick and I met up again at breakfast.  He was sitting with Mona for breakfast as well as Patrick and Patrice, with whom I had played the evening prior.  Nick moved beyond his prior seating issues and said he wanted to share the breakfast table with both Mona and I, so he invited Ron and I to join the table.  We did.  But, what a weird breakfast!  Ron was tense and did not touch me even in the slightest way because he knew about Nick’s recently declared discomfort.  Meanwhile Nick did not touch me either, though he maintained constant physical contact with Mona and she with him.  I was like Switzerland, neutral territory where no one dared to tread. And since I had cut out so abruptly on Patrick and Patrice, they were not really very talkative either.  It was an all around awkward way to start the day.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

October 12th, A Year of Non-Monogamomy

After an afternoon movie and a nap at the hotel, Ron, Nora and I headed back to the club for another night of sexcapades.  This night held special meaning for me even as it was likely to be no different than any other night at this club.  It was my one-year anniversary of being non-monogamous. While there was no celebration and Nick and I did not even talk about the occasion, it still resonated strongly with me.  Despite all the ups and downs over the last year, this had been one of the happiest years of my life. This did not in anyway discount momentous events such as marriage and the birth of my children, but overall I was consistently happier during this past year than any other year in my adult life.  I discovered parts of myself that I could only have guessed about previously and found physical pleasures greater than I knew existed.  I was infinitely more content with my very being and had explored facets of myself that I did not know I possessed.  And that was a huge thing to celebrate. So off we went on the first day of my second year in the world of ethical non-monogamy.  It only seemed fitting to spend this night with Ron and Nora since they have accompanied me on this journey from the very first night.

Soon after entering the club we discovered Madeline and Ben in the dining area having dinner.  It was nice to see them, but I was not hungry and there was not room for all of us in the booth, so I left the two couples and wandered around the club checking out the potential for the evening and periodically checked in with the group.

After a while they all migrated upstairs and joined the frisky crowd for what was certainly going to be an interesting evening.  I was leaning into Ron and enjoying his physical proximity and his mildly aroused state when I saw Ben, Madeline and Nora standing together in a frontside to backside row rather closely. Nora and Madeline were being all sexy rubbing up against each other, clothed body full on clothed body, breasts being exposed and openly tweaked.  It was a sexy scene to watch and I knew exactly where this was headed.  Madeline was a sexual sandwich between Ben and Nora just waiting to be devoured.

I excused myself for a visit to the ladies room and when I returned I saw a train line up of Ben, Madeline, Nora and Ron all rubbing and writhing their bodies together.  They were a foursome and clearly headed to a play space.  I lightly grazed my hand along Ron’s back and considered my options.  And uncharacteristically, I opted not to engage and allowed the four of them the space and freedom together as two couples, without my presence.   I deliberately opted not to join as I felt that maybe Ron and certainly Nora would like the space and separation from me.  They went to a nearby playroom near to the upstairs bar and adjacent to the top of the stairs.  Ron graciously invited me to join, but I declined.  I wanted to give them (and especially Nora) a break without me to play because I sensed that I was sometimes a hindrance for Nora. 

While the foursome played - and I assumed literally fucked, (because don’t they always fuck when they are together?), I went off to try my hand at connecting with an attractive couple as an elusive unicorn, an available single woman for all intents and purposes in the moment, at least.  I scoped out a couple that was leaning over the railing watching the sexy dancing below and sipping drinks. Sue was in her late thirties, sported long straight blond hair, tall, and physically attractive in the all-American kind of way. Her partner was a distinguished looking man with a head of thick grayish dark hair, obviously fit, tall, and in his late 40-50s.  They were an attractive couple by any measure.

There was an empty space next to them on the balcony rail so I placed myself directly next to them.   It was an obvious move as they could not help but notice that I was alone and that I was deliberately next to them.  Before long we began talking and doing the exploratory conversational dance to measure mutual interest in chatting or more. 

Sue and I talked for quite a while about her lifestyle history and their lifestyle experiences as a couple. I enjoyed learning about them and how long they had been in the lifestyle and especially their experiences with lifestyle cruises which are of particular interest to me.  There were also a lot of unspoken exchanges going on between the couple regarding me, them, and the time of the evening. I stayed with them a while as a couple and talked with Sue mostly. Her partner seemed a touch nervous and clearly deferred to Sue.  After a while he went downstairs for more drinks and I stayed and chatted with her.  She was engaging and seemingly interested in the possibilities, but the most intriguing part of the dynamic was her partner watching us like a hawk from the bar below.  He evidently was waiting to see what would transpire, attempting to measure Sue’s interest in me.

It was clear the power and decision-making authority rested firmly in the hands of Sue.  It was also clear to me that it was really early in their evening routine for decisions about play to be made.  As Sue explained to me, they habitually do not move toward the play segment of their evening until after a few drinks were under their belt to loosen them up. Ah, so they were part of the swinging world where alcohol seems to be a mandatory part of foreplay.  Definitely not for me, as I find the pleasure to be infinitely more exquisite without the dulling effects of booze. But, then again, maybe imbibing would lead to reduced inhibitions and new adventures. But, probably not for me, I would probably just get nauseous!

When her partner returned with fresh drinks for the two of them, we all watched the dancers on the dance floor with an intense focus on the sexy woman dancing in the elevated cage.   The couple began to close the conversation a bit and discussed how sexy the super thin caged lady was and how incredible her abs were. And then they oddly discussed a comparison between Sue’s abs and those of the woman dancing.  At this point I opt to take an out. I excused myself leaving them with an open window to get together later in the night.  It was clear to me that it was too early in the evening for them to commit to play as they still needed to drink, and dance with the beautiful people (and they definitely exuded a beautiful people preference).  And that is exactly what happened.  The next time I saw them they were dancing with the abs lady and her partner on the dance floor.

After leaving Sue and her partner, I hung out at the end of the orgy bar upstairs and watched sexy people come and go.  I was adjacent the playroom where Ron, Nora, Ben and Madeline were playing.  I voyeuristically peered in and they were clearly enjoying themselves. I was standing very near one of the club volunteers, an attractive young black man that was enjoying watching my backside sway to the music.  Though he was working and not allowed to play, he was certainly busy flirting with me and practicing his pick up lines.  He said something about my rhythm, which was apparently, to his mind, better than most white women.  He enjoyed watching my ass sway and commented on how amazing it was – men have often told me that I have a black girl’s ass, though I have never really understood what exactly that means.  I was amused by his efforts and flirting, but he was obviously a bit intimidated by me.  At one point he resorted to complimenting the pattern on my dress, which he said he liked because it was African.  Now hold on there, African?  What a hoot!  I lived in Africa for four years and the pattern of my dress was in no way African.  Wow was this young man stretching.  But, stretching or not, it was too bad he was working or I would have enjoyed his company. 

I continued to enjoy the music, which I usually deemed to be far too loud with gutting wrenching reverberation, and enticing people watching.  I just chilled out at the end of the orgy bar and took it all in.  I was in a strange and perplexing state of perpetual, hypnotic voyeurism.  I was enthralled by watching people chat, dance, connect, play, suck, finger and fuck with each other. Like last night, I found myself very content to not engage, but rather to observe. I felt like I was in an otherworldly bubble, drifting and floating around imminently untouchable.

After a while I noticed that Ron was no longer engaged in the action with Madeline, Nora and Ben. He was reposed on the left side of the bed watching the other three indulge themselves, Ben’s fingers thrusting away at Nora’s pussy and Madeline enjoying touching Nora.  I entered their sex-filled den and connected with Ron briefly.  I reached out and touched his naked body, running my fingertips across his chest and shoulders feeling the fresh residual sexual heat that emanated from his still pulsing body and the perspiratory stickiness of a raucous good time.  Just the briefest touch of his moist skin and I knew that I could not wait to have him inside me.  I had backed off this particular play session but at the touch of his skin, I was all of a sudden ravenously impatient for a romp with Ron myself.

Knowing what I was thinking, Ron headed downstairs to shower, freshen up and rejuvenate.  I followed him down as far as the mid-night snacks and had a rare chocolate chip cookie.  That I actually wanted and successfully consumed a cookie at midnight in a sex club was outrageous for me.  I had never been able to eat anything at this time of night during sexy club play.  Then again, I had not been fucking anyone, at all this evening.  Unrestrained, freewheeling sexual intercourse typically left me famished yet entirely unable to touch food until the next morning, even the smell of food turned me away after a royally good fucking evening.  I guessed that my insides were so intensely heated and jarred by the physicality of the fucking that there was just not space in my being for that sort of nourishment.   So clearly I was way off my game on that night, sitting there eating a cookie! And that was more than a bit disturbing and rather thoroughly discombobulating.

Sometime a little later I passed the same sexy couple from my flirtations earlier in the evening on the steps.  They were alone and they both gave me a very warm and inviting smile, so I guessed that the abs lady and her partner had not panned out quite to their expectation.  They seemed happy and a touch excited to see me again, but I was already on a mission and had plans with Ron at this point (though I am sure he would have welcomed the company).  So maybe on a future club visit we can connect.  This had been an experimental jaunt for me and honestly, I was uncomfortable trying to initiate the ‘couple connection’ as a unicorn and did not feel super successful.  But, maybe I laid groundwork for another time.  Perhaps it was just a good practice session of trying to reach out for a couple to play with – couples have pretty much always come looking for me previously and I had zero practice in recruiting a couple myself.

I actually find playing with couples to be somewhat treacherous territory, as one can never really know their desires nor understand the vagaries of their couple dynamics that operate just below the surface.  Do they want me for her?  For him?  For both?  And what level of play and touching is desirable? What is off limits? And I am often attracted to her and not him, or him and not her, but they come as a package! And where are the lines in the sand that must be honored.  I had yet to enter a couple dynamic with full disclosure.  Rather it was a bit of trail by fire. Couples were complicated and difficult to navigate and I still could not decide if they were worth it!

A newly invigorated Ron and I went to a nearby playroom on our own.  Nora, Ben and Madeline were still otherwise engaged and we did not think Ron would be missed.  The door was open, the curtains left askance so we would certainly be easy to find it anyone was looking for us. Ron and I were intensely focused and sexually aggressive with each other in a series of oral, fingering and fucking acts that brought us both ecstatic pleasures.  We had been in each other’s presence all day but had not actually touched and engaged each other sexually for the entire day so some sexual tension had built between us.  And that might well have been a record amount of time that we had spent together without actually fucking each other.  I had purposefully deferred earlier from engaging with the group activity, but was wanton and ravenous by the time Ron and I emerged upon the opportunity to satisfy our mutually libidinous sexual appetites.   

Once our initial rapacious burst of sexual energy was dissipated, we glanced at the wide open door to see a thirty something man with dark hair with a tantalizing bohemian look studying us intently.  Actually Ron quite often watched the door while he fingered me or even while we fucked, presumably not wanting to let a potential opportunity pass us by.  I was usually too consumed with my own pleasure to even remember the door was there.  We invited the man, who was sexy in an intriguingly dark and subversive way, with a twinge of pessimistic worldliness about him, to join in our sexual frolicking, and more specifically in fucking me, but he declined saying, “I am content to watch “ with a curiously judgmental tone. 

With his declination to engage, an older man emerged and promptly accepted our play invitation.  He possessed a lengthy, generous, promising cock that was sure to please.  Even Ron commented on the impressive size and how I was ‘really going to like this one.’ And with a glance down between his thighs, the butterflies in my groin instantly and urgently confirmed my own interest in this new member. However, when Mr. Impressively Big Dick presented himself to me to suck his cock, and I began to comply, Ron told him he would have to wear a condom.  He promptly applied said sheath but did not seek to engage me through penetration.  Rather he wanted to only have his dick sucked.   I was not super interested in sucking on a condom-clad cock because it tasted of latex and that is just not very appealing.  Further, I really only wanted to suck his cock if it was going to lead to a good hard fuck by his glorious cock.  Sucking cock is fun but in these circumstances, only as a prelude to deep penetration and a good hard fuck.

But this man with his beautiful cock did not do penetration.  House rules.  He was allowed to play but his cock was reserved for his partner’s pussy.  Really, it would have been nice if he had been upfront about his limits so as to better manage expectations.  Mine in particular! This would have been a perfect opportunity for an ‘elevator speech.’ But, he did not make anything clear up front other than his desire for me to suck his big hard cock.  Bummer. While I was recovery from my slight disappointment at the loss of a potentially fun penetrative sexual act, Ron began to finger me causes amazing squirts.   I think Ron knew by now that as the evening goes on and as I get more ramped up I just get easier and easier to make climax.  And his fingers are pure gold. 

After some amazing G-spot ejaculatory orgasms, the non-penetrative gentleman went down on my very wet and swollen pussy.  His mouth was nice, soft, gentle and warm, but simply did not know where my clit was.  It was a very pleasant experience but there was absolutely nothing arousing about it.  Rather it kind of made me want to curl up and drift off into a nice warm, cocooned nap. During all of this time a young dark-haired (maybe Hispanic) couple watched us from the foot of the bed.  Never touching. Never approaching. Never even communicating with us in any way.  She sucked her partner’s cock and they evidently got off by their proximity to our less restrained sexual exploits.  They enjoyed our company without any interaction whatsoever.

Ron and I made our way to the showers, which the sex clubs so generously provide.  Aside from rinsing off, it is a nice way to enjoy the company of another naked, slippery body.  While I have never been much of a fun person to shower with, my interest in showers and sharing of showers has been increasing over the last several months.  And these days I actually expect to have company in the shower at clubs and hotels.  Beyond a functional hygienic necessity, showering together has become an enjoyed shared intimacy. 

Unfortunately, this shower was marred slightly by the appearance of an exceptionally wasted woman.  There was not much positive about a clearly intoxicated woman placing herself in the chair at the entrance of our shower stall and hanging her head into a trash receptacle.   That unfortunate incident put an immediate kibosh on that shower.  I knew that I needed to get clear of this woman and fast.  Her hurling was not going to do anything for my evening other than possibly make me hurl.  So, I high tailed it out of there as quickly as I could dry off and dress.

Later in the night I found myself on one of the leather sofas by the dancing pole. I was on Ron’s left and Nora was on his right.  Ron had his fingers in Nora’s pussy and I had Ron’s cock in my mouth.  We were playing around for a while when I looked up and rather surprisingly saw that Nora had some guys cock in her mouth.  I had not a clue from whence he came.  He was suddenly just there, erect hard cock, being sucked avidly by Nora.  Bam! These things do seem to materialize in strange ways.  Somehow the four of us managed to communicate a desire to ramp up the action a bit and before I knew it we were in the fish bowl.

Ron and I were on the right side of the bed (from my vantage) sucking, fingering and fucking in familiar, yet erotically charged, and astounding climactically productive ways.  Familiarity over the course of many months had lead to an almost Pavlovian physical response to Ron’s fingers on my G-Spot.  I squirt routinely and predictably and, these days, seemingly more copiously.  Wet spots and drenched towels are par for the course when fucking in the clubs lately.  Nora and this other man were on the other side of the bed.  He was fingering her and she was really vocal and enthusiastic in her responses.  Nora seemed to really be enjoying his touch and technique.

As always, I was enjoying my sexual play with Ron and Nora seemed quite happy to play with the black guy, whose name I never heard.  I was perfectly content and comfortable with the dynamic.  And then Ron asked for a switch. He enjoyed his wife, Nora, and the heated, staunchly erect nameless guy fingered me, and managed to make me squirt, as well.  I was again surprised that the touch of another so readily led to an ejaculatory response.  But, in hindsight, I think that unrestrained, wild sexual abandon combined with hours of on again off again play that my G-Spot was just ripe for the picking.   The black man with his somewhat diminutive though stone hard cock wanted to fuck me now that he had successfully made me cum with just his fingers.  I said that he most certainly could fuck me, if he put on a condom, he said absolutely, great…but he could never manage to stay erect and get a condom on…so never sealed the deal. 

I learned later that he had not fucked Nora either, but I did not know that for certain at the time.  If he had, it would have been condom free, because this guy could not keep an erection with a condom to save his life.  Ah well, I did not feel a loss here.  The weekend had been strange and sex was just not the end all for me this weekend.  Being present and in good erotic, company was enough to keep me purring.

While the cock failed to comply with the condom application, another man in dress pants, a white button down shirt and a tie leaned against the window watching the scene with a lustful eye.  Ron invited him to join our group play but he declined repeatedly saying that he would just enjoy the view.  And that he did, with occasional sidebar commentary. It turned out that the well-dressed guy outside the window was not allowed to fuck, but he was apparently allowed to watch and touch.  He watched, conversed, got me water, and generally enjoyed the show.

Around this time, Madeline and Ben came in to say good-bye.  I was sitting naked on the bed I leaned forward to hug Madeline.  And then I kissed her and then really kissed her.  Madeline was a fun woman to kiss and one of the few women that I actually really enjoy kissing.  Her mouth and tongue are delectable and velvety.  As I kissed her I could feel her reluctance to leave and out of the corner of my eye, I could see Ben unzip his fly releasing his already hard cock, stroking it with pleasure. Madeline smiled and lustfully said that she really looked forward to seeing me the next time I was going to be at the club. And then Madeline, Ben and Nora departed the play space.

Ron and I started playing again and his fingers inside me made me buck and squirm with delirious, intoxicating pleasure.  He made me squirt like crazy, even gushingly so at one point…what the heck, my body was not my own.  I was seriously amazed at my capacity for this tonight.  Maybe I was sooo relaxed, or so raw and sensitive….I was certainly not this quick to squirt in the early part of the night. It did seem to take some effort to get the squirting machine running earlier in the evening, but once it got revved up it was impressive.

After another orgasmic round and with no obvious takers, Ron and I relaxed and I covered myself with a white cotton sheet because I was unexpectedly chilled.  As I was resting from what had turned into a long session of fingering, sucking and fucking; another man apparently asked Ron if I wanted another cock.  Now at this point I had been abundantly exposed, on absolute erotic display in utterly uninhibited, intimate sexual arrangements for quite sometime; the door and window had been wide open for any takers; and the invitation to fuck me had been quite explicit and it was clear that men or couples could join our play.  But, shyness, hesitancy, reluctance or whatever it was had gotten the better of most.  Had he joined in earlier, I would have gladly fucked him.  But at this point I was regrettably rude and said something to the effect of ‘sure, as long as I do not have to do the work’ – super rude, I know.  With that, he went away.  I should have been kind to him.  But, I if he wanted to fuck me he should have said so.  Instead he delayed his expression of interest and couched it in a manner that seemed to be to fulfill my insatiable sexual needs, as if he might be doing me a favor.  I did not need a favor.

The next thing I know, a young couple climbed in the window and occupied the space on the bed directly next to Ron and I.  Without a word or even a glance in our direction, they started to play.  Ron and I were mildly perplexed.  Were we allowed to touch??  Yes.  Could I kiss her??  She was a bit ambivalent but did not really say no, so I kissed her once gently on the lips and she did not respond.  I kissed her neck and fondled her breasts briefly and then took her nipples in my mouth.  Her partner was clearly very enthusiastic about this action.  However, she was decidedly ambivalent and more than a little tense.  He wanted her to remove her dress.  She did not want to remove her dress.  She kept her eyes closed tightly.  It was very quickly glaringly apparant that she was here because he wanted her to be not because she wanted to be.   And that is no way to play in a swingers club.

I only touched non-sexually after that – a hand on her thigh or a caress of her calf.  I wanted to be supportive and not sexual.  I did not wish to escalate her already palpable anxiety. Her partner went down on her, and then reached down and took my hand with out my consent.  He guided my hand to between her legs and urged me to touch her pussy.  I did not engage and withdrew my hand while she shifted her body away making it obvious to everyone, other than maybe her partner, that she was not eager for this type of sexual interaction.  I was uncomfortably reluctant and did not appreciate being a pawn in his plan when at this point is was very clear that she did not want the bi-sexual play nor did she want another man to touch her, which, to his credit, Ron picked up on almost immediately. 

I sat at the end of the bed dodging errant spiked heels while the couple played.  I was getting ready to leave the play space when out of seemingly nowhere, the fully dressed guy climbed through the window to play with me a bit.  He reached between my thighs almost immediately and put his hand on my pussy.  Before I knew it his fingers were deep in my cunt and he fingered my pussy until I squirted with orgasmic pleasure while he sucked and caressed my breasts, all the while he was fully clothed.  I explored his overly full front pants pockets wondering what the heck was making such a knotty bulge.  It sure was not his cock!  He had everything but the kitchen sink in his front trousers pockets as he had opted to not use a locker for his valuable that evening.  

After not finding what I was looking for in his fully clothed lower half, I called it a night. The evening had been a bit surreal.  I passed on what would have been excellent group sex with Ron, Nora, Madeline and Ben; and was all other worldly focused on my voyeuristic self for quite a long time; I had great sexual play with Ron; fucked someone completely unmemorable; and had odd encounters with two men who operated with explicit play restrictions.  I was impressed that these two different men were fully compliant and willingly abided by their sexual agreements with their significant others, and even more impressed that the fully clothed gentleman late in the evening was able to be explicit in what his boundaries were.  That was a much better approach that the one that Mr. Big Dick took early on in the evening. 

Weird night all around!  I dressed and departed the fish bowl.  Nora was still sitting at the orgy bar where she had been watching our antics. We collected ourselves and headed off to our shared motel room for the night.  As unusual for me as portions of the two nights had been, I felt like things were as they should be and I was deeply content.  It would have been nice to literally experience more men sexually through actual penetration, but I was sated nonetheless. No complaints, just limited variety, but that was partially my fault.  But, I was utterly and thoroughly content with the sexy weekend of non-monogamy.   Ron, being one of my favorite lovers, and Nora, his incredibly supportive wife, were natural partners to pass into my second year of a life filled with non-monogamous sexual adventures, sheer fantasy and exquisite pleasures.